Asian Finger Foods Platter

Asian finger foods platter made simple with PandaBox. Our delicious finger foods platter is perfect for any occasion. Let PandaBox take care of the finger food catering. It’s as simple as placing your order and picking it up from our shop on the day of your event. Or better yet get our team to deliver it for you. We deliver finger foods  anywhere in Cape Town. Get in touch with us for a detailed quote on the delivery. Or have a look at our finger food platter options below. 

Asian Finger Food Catering Platters in Cape Town

If you’re looking for delightful finger foods platters to impress your guests. Then you are at the right place. At Panda Box all our snack platters are made fresh to order. Ensuring each snack is of the highest quality. That is why we require ordering of snack platters at least 3 days in advance. Learn more about how to contact PandaBox.

Spring rolls, bao buns, yakitori and chicken strips

asian finger food catering platter
Spring rolls, baos, yakitori and chicken strips
Asian snack platter with bao buns and other Asian finger foods
Asian finger food platter
Korean fried chicken strips spring rolls and other asian finger foods in platter
PandaBox Snack Platter
yakitori and bao buns platter
Mixed Finger Food Platter

PandaBox Finger Food Platters are R650 per platter and includes 40 pieces. 10 of each type of finger food

PandaBox snack platters comes standard with the following:

  • Vegetable spring rolls
  • Beef bao buns
  • Korean fried chicken strips with dipping sauce
  • Yakitori- Japanese kebabs chicken
  • Asian style dipping sauces

You are also welcome to top up your snack platters with any box meal on Panda menu. We will prepare it all together for you. For example you may like to try our Takoyaki box. Therefore you can pre order items from our Panda menu with your snack platter.

Bao Finger Food Platter

So you’re crazy about bao buns right? We hear you. We are too. And they are the perfect finger food snack. So that is why we have an option exclusively for bao buns. Get a full bao finger food platter for your next event. The perfect snack platter for any occasion. A whole platter filled with just bao buns. Choose from a range of filling options like beef, chicken or mushroom. The mushroom bao platter is perfect for vegetarians. And our platters are halaal friendly. Have a look below at our delicious bao bun options below

beef bao bun
Beef Bao
chicken bao bun
Chicken Bao
Mushroom bao bun
Mushrrom Bao

Bao Bun Platters are R650 per platter. And include 25- 30 bao buns of your choice. 

So are you ready to snack on finger food platters at your next event?

Get in touch with us. If you need more information. You’ll be able to order your snack platters and enquire about delivery prices anywhere in Cape Town. Fill in this form and we’ll get back to you on email. Remember to include your location if you’d like delivery.

Still haven’t found what you are looking for? Perhaps you’re looking for a more formal Asian food dining experience. If so, check out Chef Taki’s private chef menu. Where you can enjoy Asian and Japanese restaurant like dining in the comport of your home. Or at your next party in Cape Town.

Learn more our head chef and PandaBox restaurant.

Panda Finger Foods Platter Review
Great food. Wonderful variety of options. I especially like their "sides" options. The Baos are phenomenal, the Takoyaki are a wonderful treat to add to any meal. The mains are also top tier, truly worth the experience. I even got a platter from them, a hefty amount of food. It took a group of rather hungry guys to polish it off. Very worth in my mind